#JSC #NASAIntern Day 3 - Day of Remembrance 2015

Flag flying half-mast over Mission Control in Houston for NASA Day of Remebrance 2015

Day 3 was a little surreal - being at JSC for NASA's Day of Remembrance. It was 29 years ago that Challenger broke apart 73 secs into her mission. NASA designates one day to remember the crews that perished during their missions - Apollo 1, Challenger (STS-51L), and Columbia (STS-107). Nobody in the branch really made a big deal out of it but as I was walking back from lunch I walk passed Mission Control and the flag was flying at half-mast. I had to stop and take a picture and just honor the fallen crews.

I then thought "I'm going to walk through the Mission Control building when ever I get a chance. I may never have a chance to do this without an escort after this internship." So I did. No escort. Just me.

So that is my goal - whenever I walk past the MCC building (30) I will alter my path so I have to walk through.