#JSC #NASAIntern Day 2 - First Day in the Office

Engineering at JSC
Building 20 at JSC

I guess I'll try to write in the mornings because I was wiped out last night.

Yesterday was the first day we reported to our organizations. The first half of the day was introductions and getting settled in. Bill Mcallister showed Chris (my fellow intern) and me around the division and gave us the required fire safety drill.

After that we were shown our desks and Desiree helped us out with our computers and office supplies. She's so nice and helpful. It seems like she's always smiling (even though I've only worked with her for one day).

The interns were invited to be bi-weekly status meeting so that we could introduce ourselves. That went very smoothly and everyone in the organization is so nice and helpful.

We left the meeting and Bill took us over to the ISS Conference Center for a small surprise retirement party - with cake!

The real joy of the day was toward the end of the day when Chris (not the intern), John, and Mike were talking about all of the anomalies on Station last week. I knew about the MDM but now they were going into super technical details of what happened. Since I don't know how much detail I'm allowed to share I'll just leave it at that. Just incredible though.

I cannot believe I am getting paid to be in this environment! What a joy :)

Well I need to iron my shirt and head to work for day 2 in the office (day 3 overall).