First Day as a #JSC #NASAIntern

#NASAIntern rocket launches

Today was way better than I could have ever expected! Orientation day as a JSC NASA intern! Every one of the interns is really cool and super smart. They told us today that the 18 of us were selected from over 4000 applicants! Crazy. I feel even more privileged. Just to be included in these people is an honor.

We launched paper rockets that we built from scratch. Team Rockinators (name courtesy of Rihab) came in second. Obviously the competitive side of me was not satisfied with that result but we'll come in first next time.

Had my first tofu burrito at Chipotle with Isabelle, Matt, Scott, Mike, and Ryan after work (how can you even call working at NASA work!?). Not too bad.

We were going to meet some of the co-ops at Fuddruckers but Ryan and I were early and felt like a beer so we went to Boondoggles. I found out his grandfather worked at KSC back in the day and that's where he got his space bug.

Tomorrow the work begins.