The Airport Race and The Last Semester

Flux as Eurocom
Flux inside the Soyuz mockup at EAC
Flux at the finish of the Hamburg Airport Race

I recently returned from my first trip to Germany. Given that I am of German decent I've always wanted to go to Germany. My friends invited me to run the Hamburg Airport Race so I figured it was a good excuse to visit my ancestors homeland.

The trip was great! I finished the race in a respectable time. I also visited Cologne which is the home of DLR and the European Space Agency's European Astronaut Center. Thanks to some great people (and now whom I consider friends, Romain and Andgie) I received VIP treatment and got to step inside the same training modules that the ESA astronauts use for training.

Thanks to everyone at ESA for their hospitality.

I also recently started my last undergraduate semester. It's been a long time coming but well worth all the work.

By the end of December I will have obtained my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science!

While finishing up the undergraduate degree I have been heavily researching the Masters programs at USC and UND. I'm still up in the air. I'm planning a visit to both campuses and I have to have my applications in by the middle of December so I'll need to make that final decision soon.

After that decision and completing my Fall semester courses I'll look forward to attending UIS Commencement ceremonies in May 2015.


Talk to everyone soon.